Harrow East MP Discusses Retail Challenges with Local Store Owner

Harrow East MP Bob Blackman has taken part in a visit with local retailer Kunal Patel at his store Canon’s Park Newsagent, discussing concerns around the introduction of a deposit return scheme and the ongoing challenge of business rates and retail crime. 

During the visit, Kunal showed Mr Blackman around his store, highlighting the problems with introducing a deposit return scheme in a business without any spare space, either behind the till for a manual system or elsewhere in the store for the installation of a large reverse vending solution.

Kunal also spoke of the way that the business rates system currently acts as a barrier to investment, as any improvements made in his store would increase his overall rates bill. 

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “We are grateful to Mr Blackman for taking the time to visit a local shop in his constituency and listen to the concerns of Kunal Patel. The issues raised during the visit are by no means exclusive to this store, and we encourage all MPs to spend time talking to retailers in their constituencies about the challenges facing their businesses.”

Bob Blackman MP for Harrow East, said: “I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Patel recently to talk about how convenience stores operate and the invaluable service provided to communities. It is important policymakers understand the complexities of running these multifaceted businesses.”

In Harrow East, there are a total of 42 convenience stores employing around 331 people. ACS has sent new information to all MPs on the importance of the convenience sector specific to every constituency in the UK. The full 2018 Local Shop Report, which provides an overview of the economic and social contribution of the whole UK convenience sector, is available here. 

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