Guidance on the Sale of Men's Lifestyle Magazines

ACS has published a guide for convenience retailers on how to display men's lifestyle magazines. The Guide is designed to assist retailers in understanding best practice and how to comply with the longstanding industry code of practice. The guidance has been published as part of ACS' on-going commitment to deliver on the Prime Minister's challenge to reduce the exposure of children to sexualised imagery.

The Periodical Publishers Association has published a code of practice on the sale of these titles. The guidelines are available below, along with the ACS guide in full.

Men’s lifestyle magazines are enjoyed by millions of adults every week and feature content that particularly reflects the interests of young men. Some of this content may be regarded as inappropriate for children, particularly that which is of a sexual nature.

As with all magazines, the front covers reflect the content and therefore these titles require careful and responsible display. It is recommended that retailers take particular care to ensure men’s lifestyle magazines are not displayed at or below the eye-level of children.

To display these titles in a way that is sensitive to all consumers, but without adversely affecting the sale, we recommend:

  • That they are not displayed adjacent to your display of children’s titles and comics
  • That they are not displayed at children’s eye-level or below i.e. that they are not in the direct sight and reach of children
  • That where display space restraints preclude the above, titles with front covers that may cause concern are part overlapped with other titles so as to minimise the potential for offence to parents and/or children
  • That similar care and consideration is given to the display of any Point of Sale material for these titles

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