Green Party Launch Manifesto Ahead of 2019 Election

The Green Party have launched their full manifesto ahead of the General Election on 12th December, detailing their plans to tackle ‘the Climate Emergency and deliver social justice’.

The party’s manifesto focuses on their Green New Deal, which outlines the ways that they will fulfil their pledge to reach net zero carbon emissions in the UK by 2030. This includes plans to ban the production of single-use plastics, extend the tax on plastic bags to cover plastic bottles, single-use plastics and microplastics, and extend plastic bottle deposit schemes.

The Green Party’s manifesto If Not Now, When? includes plans to introduce a Land Value Tax (LVT) to replace the current business rates system. LVT would be a single tax which would aim to capture the real value of land, and the increased value arising from improvements to it with the aim to shift the burden of taxation from land users to landowners.

The manifesto also outlines plan to increase the Living Wage to £12 and extending it to workers aged between 16 and 21.

Key policies include:

  • Hold a further Brexit referendum and campaign to remain in the EU
  • Introduce a universal basic income of at least £89 per week for every adult by 2025
  • Require all existing petrol stations and motorway service stations to offer electric vehicle charging points by 2025

The full manifesto is available here.

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