Concha y Toro: WineWise 2.0 Goes Live

ACS supplier member Concha y Toro has relaunched WineWise, a free category guide which aims to help independent retailers with wine sales.

  • Free-to-use and objective category advice guide helps retailers choose what bestselling wines to stock, how to correctly merchandise the category for their store size, and how to sell wine more profitably
  • Originally launched in 2016, WineWise update retains and refocuses on popular features – Profit on Return Calculator, Food Matching advice – and adds new features based on retailer feedback
  • Introduces new technology – responsive screens, links to Whatsapp allowing retailers to easily share tips
  • New version has a premium look and feel – easy to use on both smartphone and desktop

“The wine retailing landscape has changed hugely in 2 years, and we’ve kept WineWise up to date to stay relevant.” Laurie Billson, Head of Customer Marketing, Concha y Toro UK

WineWise (, the objective wine category guide developed for Independent Retailers, is relaunched this month with a new premium look and feel and upgraded functionality.

The site, which was originally launched in June 2016, has seen a radical makeover. As Head of Customer Marketing at Concha y Toro UK Laurie Billson says;

“The wine retailing landscape has changed hugely in 2 years, and WineWise has improved to stay relevant. It’s responsive, easy to use and understand, and we hope will be an essential tool for time-poor retailers who want to understand a bit more about selling wine to put more cash in their till.”

Using Independents-specific data and insight, WineWise breaks the business of wine into four simple sections;

  1. Why Wine?

WineWise makes the strong case for retailers to focus on wine – with persuasive insight such as 7 out of 10 adults are looking to buy wine*, and that Wine is the most popular alcoholic drink consumed in the home**. As such a crucial basket-driver the Wine category can drive substantial value for retailers.

  1. What to Stock?

With potentially hundreds of bottles to choose between the wine category can be confusing. The key is to have a core range that will sell – ensuring that the wines on shelf are those that shoppers want to buy. The What to Stock section outlines to retailers the core range of category bestsellers that sell at the most common price points. Broken down into the main categories– white, red, rose & sparkling – each offers the most popular retail choices e.g. bestselling Chardonnays, Rosés, etc. with a wildcard third choice to offer their shoppers some variety.

Says Billson: “It’s not about stocking every wine available in wholesalers and tying up cash in stock – it’s far more important to have a tight, hard-working selection of wines that your shoppers want to buy. The recommendations on WineWise are category bestsellers across all suppliers”.

  1. How to Display

Retailers can easily learn how to make the most of their wine fixture by entering the space they have available into the display module which will suggest the best layout. This can be downloaded and printed to allow retailers to take it onto the shop floor with them. In a brand-new feature retailers can also order POS for their stores via the site.

  1. Maximizing Wine Sales and Profit on Return Calculator

This section offers top tips, food and wine matching module, and the super-useful Profit on Return (POR) calculator. ( Retailers simply enter either the case cost, size, and the bottle RRP and the calculator tells them both the percentage and cash margin these will generate. Measures can easily be adjusted via the toggle switch to allow retailers to best-price their wines to suit their store.

How to Access WineWise

WineWise is free to visit at The site is optimised for both desktop and mobile devices, as existing users are split almost exactly 50/50 between the platforms.

There is no requirement to register to view the site, but if retailers wish to download useful tools from the site they are invited to give their email address and subscribe to the regular newsletter which offers further tips and advice on profitable wine retailing.

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