ACS Welcomes New PASS Scheme Video

ACS welcomes the launch of the PASS scheme's new video promoting the value and use of PASS accredited Proof of Age Cards. The new video replaces the video that has been available for a number years and illustrates the virtues of Proof of Age Cards with the use of small cast of four people and a door supervisor, in a realistic scenario.

PASS has been helped in this collaborative effort by National Pubwatch, a generous support package from Poppleston Allen and the excellent service of Marcus Richardson the Artistic Director of mini mammoth films who provided the actors and composed and edited the video.

In launching the video, Baroness McIntosh the recently appointed Chair of the PASS Scheme, said that "she was delighted that her tenure was linked to the launch of the new and updated video presentation of the benefits of the PASS Card scheme and indicated that this would also be linked to a re-vamp of the PASS website over the coming months. Recent events and the growing number of age-restricted products makes the use and promotion of Proof of Age Cards ever more important."

The PASS scheme is supported by the National Police Chiefs Council, the Security Industry Authority and local authority trading standards officers.

The video is available through the link on the PASS website.

This entry was posted by Chloe on Wed, 25/04/2018 - 08:00