ACS Sets Out Post-Election Priorities at Annual Summit Conference

ACS chief executive, James Lowman has set out the key issues likely to be facing convenience stores after the election at this year’s ACS Summit conference in Birmingham on 21st April.

Mr Lowman highlighted business rates, the national minimum wage and the public health agenda as three areas where engagement on both a local and national level will be essential to the growth of the convenience sector, whoever forms the next government on May 7th.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “We are approaching an election where the result is more unpredictable than ever before. Whoever forms the next government will be considering the impact of business rates on small businesses, looking to increase the minimum wage and weighing up further public health interventions on tobacco, alcohol and sugar. ACS will continue to lobby government to get the best deal for local shops, but with more decisions likely to be made at a local level in the future, we are calling on all retailers to get involved with their MPs, councils and local police to ensure that they aren’t left out of the decision making process.”

During his speech to Summit, Mr Lowman commended the local engagement work that has been going on around the UK, highlighting the retailers that have already invited their prospective candidates into their store to talk about local priorities over the next five years.

Summit brings together independent retailers, symbol groups, multiple chains, suppliers and industry experts to find out what the best stores are doing to succeed, while also looking ahead to the future of the convenience sector. Speakers at this year’s Summit included Kris Engskov (Starbucks), Simon Roberts (Boots), Steve Murrells (Co-Operative), Catherine Nunn (BP) and many more.

Further information about Summit can be found on the ACS website (

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