1. Local Shop Report 2013

    Local Shop Report 2013

    The 2013 Local Shop Report provides essential information about the people who run convenience stores, the services they offer and the outlook for the future of the sector. Read the full report here

  2. Enter the 2014 Achievement Award

    Enter the 2014 Achievement Award

    ACS is calling on retail's brightest stars to enter the 2014 Achievement Award to be in with a chance to win an exclusive trip on the Barcelona Study Tour.

  3. Assured Advice: Sign Up Today

    Assured Advice: Sign Up Today

    ACS is leading the way with a new Assured Advice Scheme that will give all its members the opportunity to benefit from the type of certainty over their compliance procedures previously only afforded to multiple chains.

Supermarket Levy Would Set Dangerous Precedent

Supermarket Levy Would Set Dangerous Precedent

ACS has responded to a call by 20 councils for powers to impose a new levy on supermarkets.

Councils have made this bid for new powers using the procedures laid down in the Sustainable Communities Act 2007. Under the Act Councils can submit requests for changes in national legislation or taxation to the Government, which is legally required to consider the request, although not to agree to it. A similar request made in 2013 was rejected by Ministers.

ACS Chief…

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CLG Select Committee: Town Centres Continue to Suffer from Out of Town Development

ACS has told an influential group of MPs that high streets continue to suffer from the unrelenting stream of out of town developments.

In an evidence session on the operation of the National Planning Policy Framework, ACS Chief Executive James Lowman told the Communities and Local Government Select Committee of the failure of the Government’s ‘town centre first’ policy and the need for change to support high streets. 

ACS Chief Executive James Lowman said: “Local plans should be the basis on which decisions are made on new developments. However, there are so few compliant local plans that NPPF is being relied on to make these decisions. The town centre first policy within the NPPF is useful, but the supporting guidance and evidence of its’ implementation is sorely lacking.”

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  1. Local Shop Report Launch

    10 September 2014

  2. Achievement Award Final

    30 September 2014

  3. NACS Study Tour

    NACS Study Tour

    5 - 8 October 2014

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