ACS Calls for Clarity on Fireworks Regulations

ACS has responded to the Department for Business’ consultation on the introduction of new regulations from a EU Directive for businesses who sell fireworks, calling for clarity on the burdens that retailers will face under the new rules.

The consultation concerns the 2013 Pyrotechnics and Traceability Directive, which will impose new obligations on retailers selling fireworks, including record keeping requirements.

Figures from the 2014 Local Shop Report show that 4% of convenience stores have a fireworks licence, which means that the regulations are likely to affect at least 2200 retailers.

ACS Chief Executive James Lowman said: “Retailers who sell fireworks are already facing significant regulatory challenges. The proposals set out in the consultation are unclear as to the level at which retailers will have to keep records on the fireworks that they buy and sell, and we are seeking clarity on the burdens retailers will be faced with.”

ACS has Assured Advice available for retailers which sets out the rules around the sale of fireworks. All ACS Assured Advice is available on our website at


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