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Water Refills

If you are a business that sells alcohol for consumption on the premises, you are required to provide water free of charge for customers on request. For stores that do not sell alcohol, or only sell alcohol off the premises, there are no requirements. However, providing water for customers that want to fill up their own containers can be a good way to demonstrate your commitment to the environment.

The guidance sets out the different ways that retailers can provide a water refill service in store, as well as highlighting some of the challenges of offering this service, especially for stores where there is only one member of staff behind the till.

Key information in the guidance includes:

  • The two types of water refill point that retailers can offer (either operated by a retailer or a customer)
  • Security concerns when refilling bottles requires a member of staff to leave the till point
  • The types of container that are recommended to be accepted for refills
  • Commercial considerations for retailers when offering a water refill service

This guidance is also featured in the Food Safety Assured Advice guide. 

Download the Water Refills guidance here

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