Fair Trading

There are various laws applicable to convenience stores, such as the way you display prices and ownership information. Consumers have rights when buying goods from you, but it is important to strike a fair balance between these rights and your own. This guide provides an overview of what is required of you as a business owner to ensure that you remain in compliance with these laws.

Fair Trading Guide (Updated April 2019)

Running a retail business presents a number of challenges and requirements when it comes to trading fairly, especially in a business that relies on a large percentage of sales through promotions such as a convenience store. The ACS Assured Advice Guide on Fair Trading highlights some of the rules around displays of promotions and how to ensure that your customers are treated fairly, along with the requirements of where you need to display details about your business.

Supporting materials for this advice guide are available for ACS members. For more information about these materials, please email Chloe Heyde at chloe.heyde@acs.org.uk