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Calorie Labelling

From April, the government is introducing new requirements for businesses to display calorie labelling for food products sold for immediate consumption that are not pre-packaged.

The new rules, which primarily affect the out-of-home sector, will require retailers in scope to add calorie and portion information to menus and displays of products like ready to eat pizzas, hot beverages, bakery items and PPDS (pre-packed for direct sale) foods. Retailers will also be required to clearly display a notice highlighting the number of calories recommended for an adult in a day.

Retailers who have more than 250 employees are considered to be within the scope of the rules, but much like the upcoming HFSS regulations, the Government intends for symbol and franchise retailers to be included.

As part of the guidance, ACS urges retailers to contact their symbol or franchise operator to find out whether they’ll have to make changes in store and online to comply with the regulations.

There are also important exemptions for businesses that have their own offer of food for immediate consumption. If a retailer is providing food that would otherwise be in scope of their rules independently of their symbol/franchise arrangement, then as long as that retailer has fewer than 250 employees themselves they are exempt from the new labelling requirements.

ACS' guidance on calorie labelling has been Assured by Surrey and Buckingham Trading Standards. If you are part of the ACS Assured Advice scheme, your in-store processes cannot be challenged by enforcement officers if you follow the guide.

Download the Quick Calorie Labelling Guide

Download the Detailed Calorie Labelling Guide