Raj Aggarwal

We were absolutely devastated to hear the the news about the passing of Raj Aggarwal. Raj was an independent retailer, a fixture at ACS’ and other industry events, a member of our independents board, a great entrepreneur, and most importantly a devoted family man.

It’s right that we first pay tribute to Raj as a leading retailer in our industry. His shops were well run and successful, based on service and a relationship with his local customer base. He was also an entrepreneur and innovator, taking over and reinvigorating a local pub and setting up standalone coffee shops. As a businessman, he was everything that we celebrate in our industry: connected to his community, willing to take a risk, totally focused on meeting customers’ needs, and aware that the way to do this was through developing and working with the team around him.

The Raj that many of his fellow retailers knew was a permanently smiling and chuckling man who lived life to the full and was always on the hunt for fun and experiences. He attended pretty much every event ACS ran, asking mischievous questions of the speakers, challenging all the suppliers for a special deal (always with a wide smile on his face), and leading the late night group going on to the pub or club after the event. He was the perfect profile for someone taking part in an association: lots of great information and ideas, wanting to engage with others, always challenging, always supportive.

Like many retailers, Raj has been out in his community while Coronavirus has been spreading through the country. He’s been in stores, dealing with colleagues and the public, out with suppliers to get product in, and supporting local causes. His last LinkedIn post was of him dropping off supplies for NHS workers at Glenfield Hospital. This is a terrible loss that will be felt personally by many people in our industry, and it should also remind us: there are people putting themselves in harm’s way to help the country through these difficult times, and to lose one of them in Raj is a hard thing to comprehend and accept.

We will all miss you, Raj.

This entry was posted by Chris on Thu, 09/04/2020 - 19:28