Welsh Government Campaign Aims to Tackle Illicit Tobacco Trade

The Welsh Government is running a campaign to raise public awareness the harms associated with illicit tobacco and the criminality that it brings into local communities.

The campaign aims to increase the health and wellbeing of the population in Wales by:

  • Reducing the availability of illegal tobacco in Wales
  • Reducing the demand of illegal tobacco in Wales
  • Reducing public acceptability of illegal tobacco in Wales
  • Increasing public awareness and influencing the public to become uncomfortable buying illegal tobacco and more likely to report it
  • Supporting the disruption and enforcement work being carried out by Trading Standards Wales and HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) across Wales

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “We welcome this campaign and its aim to increase public awareness about the harmful impact that the illicit tobacco trade has on local communities, both in terms of the health implications and undermining responsible and legitimate retailers.”

As part of the campaign, the Welsh Government is calling for people to report the sale of illegal tobacco in their community either online or by phone to Crimestoppers or visiting the campaign website. Anyone reporting illegal tobacco sales will remain anonymous.

More information about the campaign including posters that retailers can use in store are available here: www.noifs-nobutts.co.uk


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