Supplier News: Suresite Connex

Content supplied by Suresite Group: 

Suresite is a technology and data led business with the expertise to transform retail outlets. Since 1994 we have provided specialist retail business products that optimise the growth, safety, and performance of our customers’ businesses.

Introducing our online marketplace; Suresite Connex

Suresite Connex is a single marketplace full of smart, integrated retail business products that can help streamline your business, boost efficiency, and give you the competitive edge.  Using latest technology, Suresite Connex brings together the products you need for your business to thrive, all from one partner you can trust – Suresite.

The ever-growing range of value-driving, business-simplifying products available on Suresite Connex includes:

•    Card Services
•    Health & Safety
•    Wetstock
•    Business Performance Insights
•    Training
•    Online Shopping
•    Back Office Support