Supplier News: MishiPay - Providing Touchless Checkout Solutions to ACS Members

Content supplied by MishiPay:

MishiPay, the leading provider of mobile self-checkout technology, is providing their frictionless checkout solutions to ACS members. 

MishiPay enables shoppers to simply use their mobile phone to scan the barcode of a product and pay for it. Once payment has been accepted, the shopper is issued a digital receipt and can then simply leave the store. MishiPay eliminates the need to stand and wait in line to pay for items at a conventional checkout, ensuring a smooth and totally frictionless experience.

The obvious benefit for shoppers is that there are no more queues, they simply scan, pay and go, but the technology has additional benefits for both shoppers and in-store staff. Given the current climate with the outbreak of COVID-19, this totally touchless checkout method ensures staff and shoppers are kept safe by eliminating personal interactions and the unnecessary touching of checkout hardware. Staff can also monitor user behaviour using the MishiPay Dashboard which gives stores unparalleled sales data based user scanning behaviour.

Along with the core Scan & Go offering, MishiPay users can enjoy Order Ahead, Pay at Pump, Click & Collect and Curbside Pickup, further ensuring that shoppers have the flexibility they need.

The technology is currency deployed in over 300 stores throughout Europe and the US with major brands like sporting goods giant Decathlon, convenience brands SPAR and Londis and many others.

MishiPay Founder & CEO Mustafa Khanwala said “We are excited to join ACS to provide our mobile self-checkout technology to their members. Our aim during these unprecedented times is to deploy our technology to keep shoppers and staff safe against the threat of COVID-19. Having a contactless, scalable and purely mobile-based checkout solution enables ACS members to minimise the points of contact in their stores, while being able to meet every shopper’s demand with a seamless shopping experience. It is our honour to bring this to retailers of every size and scale within the ACS network, we are so grateful for the opportunity to make a difference.”

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “Since the coronavirus outbreak there has been an increased demand from customers for contactless shopping solutions in convenience. We are delighted that MishiPay, one of the leading providers of mobile self-checkout technology, have joined Club as supplier members of ACS.”

ACS members can have MishiPay in stores in as little as two weeks and members that sign up before the end of October can enjoy their first 2 months off their subscription free. (Terms and conditions apply).

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