Supplier News: Electromech- Your staff and customers are your business' greatest assets

Content supplied by Electromech/PPE Defends:

Driven by necessity, guided by science and technology. Nobel winning prize graphene, utilised to create the safest PPE equipment.

Applying British technology, science & innovation, PPE Defends introduces a premium range of PPE products. We provide Graphene enhanced protective face masks certified by SGS*, bio eco-friendly premium disinfectant sprays, fogging equipment, sanitisers, and the latest temperature checking equipment. All designed to support efficiency, productivity and safety for UK business sectors, their employees, and clients. 

Graphene is a super filter, discovered by two British physicists in 2004, it is the thinnest, lightest, and strongest compound known. 

Our Freedom series masks are enhanced with Polygrene™, this is a graphene polymer made with the world’s only National Physics Laboratory Verified Graphene Product, Nanene™. Nanene™ offers best of class protection against the microscopic particles that cause respiratory illness and the spread of viral infection.

The PPE Defends founder is one of the 2 million people on the UK government’s shielded list. As a technology business owner, he was faced with the dilemma of needing to feel and keep safe, while keeping the business running. He looked for face masks that met trusted quality standards, and that would protect him and his staff. He found a distinct lack of suitable masks, and this is what inspired him to create PPE Defends, and seek a solution through British applied technology.

Your staff and customers are your business’ greatest assets. The impact of absence due to infection or anxiety on your business could be massive.

The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states that face coverings and masks that are not CE marked are “unlikely to provide the protection expected or required”.

These lesser-quality masks cannot be marketed as personal protective equipment (PPE), and their use could, therefore, result in a breach of health and safety regulations.

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