Retailers Urged to Take Part in ‘Community Clear Up Day’

ACS is calling on retailers to take part in the Government’s first ever Community Clear Up Day on Saturday 21st March. The ‘national spring clean’ will aim to clear the country’s high streets, residential and business areas, villages and parks of litter.

Recent figures suggest councils in England spend more than £800 million every year on street cleaning. Government ministers are encouraging people to make this a fun activity, bringing groups together with a common interest as well as freeing up millions of pounds that can be spent on other vital public services.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “Litter can have a significant impact on the public’s perceptions of a store’s location, and in some cases, can even put people off shopping there. Our latest Voice of Local Shops survey showed that 90% of our members are actively involved in their community and this is a great way for retailers to further support their local area.

“I hope retailers take this opportunity to show leadership in their community.  Why not ask the local MP and election candidates to come down and help out side by side with you, your staff and customers.”

Information on how to get involved including a downloadable information pack, with customisable posters, leaflets and banners, can be found here:

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