Retailers Leading the Way on Healthy Choices

ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) has responded to a survey conducted by the charity, Action on Sugar, by highlighting the range of soft drink products available in convenience stores and encouraging retailers to work with communities and young people around energy drinks. The survey looked at the nutritional labels of 197 drinks found in supermarkets and online, with one product said to contain 10 teaspoons of sugar per 250ml.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: "Convenience stores offer a wide range of soft drinks and other products, many of which are low and no calorie options. Many of our members have voluntary policies in place to restrict the sale of energy drinks to young people, and a lot of positive work has been carried out between retailers and local schools to help children make healthier choices.

"ACS has led the way in the sector by promoting healthy food and drink through the Change4Life campaign, and will continue to work with retailers on providing customers with a variety of low calorie and low sugar options."

The British Soft Drinks Association said: "These products are called energy drinks for a reason - they deliver a caffeine or glucose-based energy boost. They are now available in a variety of types, flavours and sizes, including a range of low and no-calorie options, so that consumers have a much wider choice. BSDA members do not promote energy drinks to children under 16 and all products are clearly labelled in compliance with EU regulations."

The Change4Life Sugar Swaps campaign aims to help families cut down on their sugar intake by making simple changes such as swapping sugary drinks for water, lower-fat milks or sugar-free, diet or no added sugar drinks. For more information about Change4Life, visit their website here:

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