New Regulations on Sale of Potential Explosive Precursors

From today (2nd September 2014) new regulations require retailers to assess the products they sell and to report suspicious transactions of bomb-making materials and their precursors (chemicals that can be used to manufacture explosives). The suspicious transaction reporting regime will apply to customers buying specific products who:

  • Appear nervous or avoid questions;
  • Attempt to purchase unusual amounts of a product or unusual combinations of products;
  • Are unfamiliar with the regular uses of the products;
  • Are not willing to share what they plan to use the products for;
  • Refuse alternatives or products with a lower concentration
  • Insist on paying cash; or
  • Are unwilling to provide proof of identity when asked.

Retailers will also have a duty to watch out for stock losses within the shop and report concerns. The restricted substances include: Hydrogen peroxide, Nitromethane, Nitric acid, Potassium chlorate, Potassium perchlorate, Sodium chlorate and Sodium perchlorate. The substances which are not restricted but where suspicious transaction reporting should be applied include: Hexamine, Sulphuric acid, Acetone, Potassium nitrate, Sodium nitrate, Calcium nitrate, Calcium ammonium nitrate and Ammonium nitrate. Government Guidance on supplying explosives precursors can be found here:

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