New Guides Added to ACS Assured Advice Scheme

ACS has published three new guides that form the latest additions to its Assured Advice scheme for convenience retailers. The new Guides provide definitive advice on Weights and Measures, Product Safety and Fair Trading.

ACS Assured Advice is an innovative new scheme that allows ACS to provide advice on trading standards regulation that is definitive and cannot be challenged or changed from on local authority to the next.

The Guides include:

  • Advice on the correct way to sell loose produce like fruit and vegetables
  • Use of metric and imperial weights in pricing and labelling
  • Explanation of how product safety rules can impact on convenience stores
  • Rules on pricing and promotions and refund policy

ACS Chief Executive James Lowman said: “We are delighted to add these important guides to the ACS Assured Advice scheme. With seven Guides now in place we are well on our way to having a definitive suite of legally assured advice that retailers can rely on.

“We are now encouraging retailers to sign up to the ACS scheme to benefit from the unique legal assurance that we can provide.”

The advice guides can be viewed and downloaded via the links below:

Fair Trading:

Product Safety:

Weights and Measures:


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