Mark Pawsey MP Talks Shop At Bulkington Spar Shop

Mark Pawsey MP for Rugby and Bulkington visited the Bulkington Spar last week discuss the impact of Government regulation on local shops.  Plastic bag charging, national living wage and Sunday trading were top of the list for the local Spar shop.

Brian Cherry, Regional manager for the Blakemore Retail operated SPAR store said: “It was great to meet with Mark and explain the impact these regulations will have on our business. These changes in the regulations will certainly be a challenge not only to our business but to all retailers and it was a great opportunity to raise these with Mark and him listen to our concerns.”

Plastic bag charging regulations were also discussed, all large retailers will have to charge 5p for plastic bags from October this year but small businesses will be exempt which is potentially confusing.  In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all businesses have to  charge for plastic bags.

Mark Pawsey MP said: “As someone who started and ran my own business for 25 years before becoming an MP I am always conscious of the pressures faced by small businesses. The Government is committed to continuing to grow our economy and increase living standards but I will continue to listen to the concerns of the small business community.”

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