Lowman: Sunday Trading Regulations an 'Enduring Compromise'

 ACS Chief Executive James Lowman has appeared on BBC radio and television to discuss the retention of current Sunday Trading regulations.

Speaking on Radio 5 Live and BBC Breakfast this morning on the 20 year anniversary of the introduction of the Sunday trading rules, Mr Lowman spoke of the important compromise that balances economic, social and cultural considerations.

ACS Chief Executive James Lowman said: "Sunday Trading rules as they stand are an enduring compromise that provide convenience for consumers while also helping local shops. The current regulations are popular, and previous experiments to allow larger stores to open late on Sundays served only to divert trade from local shops."

Research commissioned by ACS earlier this year shows that 77% of consumers want to retain the existing regulations on Sunday shopping. Of those who wanted a change, more than half called for tighter restrictions on opening hours on a Sunday.

Mr Lowman's appearance on Radio 5 Live can be found here at 1:47:30.

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