Lowman: “Retailers’ Status at Heart of Community Mustn’t be Taken for Granted”

At Summit18, ACS chief executive James Lowman addressed the sector, urging retailers to ensure that they are proactive in securing their places as community retailers.

Speaking at the conference today (Tuesday), Mr Lowman said: “Our research shows time and again that convenience stores are one of the most positive services on the high street, but we can’t take this for granted. To build loyalty and trust in a world where consumers are increasingly distrustful of businesses and the information they receive we have to embrace community retailers and address the issues that matter to local people with more energy and commitment than ever.

Summit18 featured presentations from experts across the industry, including:

  • Lord Mark Price
  • Jeremy White (WIRED)
  • Debbie Robinson (SPAR UK)
  • Paul Dobson (Morrison)
  • Hidenori Tsunematsu (Family Mart)
  • Mike Igoe (Heron Foods)

The conference also saw the launch of two short films. The first took ACS Commercial Director Paul Chamberlain to Ancoats General Store in Manchester, where he heard from owner Mital Morar about the ever-changing model of the business and the importance of the store acting as a social hub.


Paul then travelled to Milan to meet Valentina at the Co-op Supermarket of the Future, where technology is being used to deliver full transparency about the origins and nutritional information of all of the products in store.

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