Low Pay Commission Calls for Evidence on National Minimum Wage 2015

The Low Pay Commission has issued their annual call for evidence on the National Minimum Wage rate for 2015. ACS will be responding to the consultation and supporting the Commission’s regional visits.

ACS Chief Executive, James Lowman, said: “Every year we provide written and oral evidence to the Low Pay Commission to help them understand the impact of increased wage costs on convenience retailers. We know from our previous evidence that increased employment costs result in retailers taking on more hours themselves and delaying business investment.”

Polling from ACS’ Voice of Local Shop survey found that 55% of retailers said they earn less than national minimum wage when accounting for the long hours spent working in their business.

This year the Low Pay Commission have been specifically asked to look if they can deliver above inflation increases in minimum wage rates without harming employment, as well as looking at ways to simplify apprentice rates and considering if the current system can be difficult for employers to understand, leading to poor compliance.

Commissioners will also be visiting different regions to engage with business owners and staff. For more information on the Low Pay Commissions regional visits please contact edward.woodall@acs.org.uk.

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