Liberal Democrats Launch Manifesto ahead of 2019 Election

The Liberal Democrats have published their manifesto ahead of the 2019 General Election, pledging to stop Brexit if they were to form the next Government.

The manifesto, Stop Brexit and Build a Better Future, focuses primarily on keeping Britain in the European Union, as well as tackling the ‘climate emergency’ by generating 80% of electricity from renewables.

Commitments made in the manifesto include:

  • A programme of installing hyper-fast, fibre-optic broadband across the UK – with a particular focus on connecting rural areas.
  • Scrapping the rule which allows developers to convert offices and shops into residential properties without planning permission.
  • Replacing Business Rates in England with a Commercial Landowner Levy based solely on the land value of commercial sites rather than their entire capital value
  • Establishing an independent review to consult on how to set a ‘genuine Living Wage’ across all sectors
  • Replacing Police and Crime Commissioners with accountable Police Boards made up of local councillors
  • Restricting how products high in fat, salt and sugar are marketed and advertised by multiple retailers

The full manifesto document is available here:

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