Labour Publish Manifesto Ahead of 2017 General Election

The Labour Party have published their manifesto commitments ahead of the General Election on June 8th.

Some of the key policies announced in the document (which is available in full here: include:

  • “Raising the minimum wage to the level of the Living Wage (expected to be at least £10 per hour by 2020) – for all workers aged 18 or over”
  • “Introduce a package of reforms to business rates including switching from RPI to CPI indexation, and ensuring that businesses have access to a proper appeals process – while reviewing the entire business rates system in the longer run”
  • “Labour will give communities more power to shape their town centres, by strengthening powers to protect post offices, community pharmacies, high street banks, sports clubs, pubs and independent shops” high-street vacancies.
  • “[Labour will] consult on toughening the law against assaulting workers who have to enforce laws such as age-related sales or ticketing arrangements, and who face regular abuse.”
  • “[Labour] will set guiding targets for plastic bottle deposit schemes, working with food manufacturers and retailers to reduce waste”

More information about the impact that these policies could have on the convenience sector is available here

ACS is encouraging all convenience store retailers to get involved with the election campaign by inviting prospective parliamentary candidates in their constituency to their store for a visit, and the opportunity to discuss both local and national issues. For more information about arranging a store visit, contact Steve Dowling at

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