GroceryAid Welfare Helpline: Support for Convenience Retailers

GroceryAid provides a confidential Helpline which is available 24/7 to assist callers across a wide range of subjects, from financial to personal issues. For people who prefer not to call in, there is a web-based range of self-help tools and advice, including online chat.

JobSearch is available to people who have five or more years working in the industry and may be looking to get back into work after for example redundancy, illness or caring for a relative. JobSearch provides direction, structure and guidance to individuals in their search in what is one of the toughest markets for decades.

For those people who are suffering from stress, anxiety and depression, the Beating the Blues programme is available. This is the only cognitive behavioural computer training package that has National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) recognition as a treatment for anxiety and depression. Where assessed as appropriate this eight session programme will be offered to individuals who will be helped by it to learn new ways of thinking and managing their thoughts and moods.

The Post-Traumatic Incident Counselling service, which has been specifically developed for the Helpline, is aimed at people who have been the subject of, or witness to, traumatic incidents in their life. Callers will be asked to briefly recount, but not relive, the incident with trained counsellors, who will be able to talk through ways of coping with what occurred. The service also offers education regarding self-care and referral to further assistance for anyone who appears to need it. While designed for individuals this service also allows employers to meet their duty of care.

To find out more about GroceryAid and the Welfare Helpline please email, call 01252 875925 or go to For welfare advice call the Helpline on freephone 08088 021122.

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