GroceryAid: Health and Wellbeing Initiative Brings Help for Independents

The new health and wellbeing section of the GroceryAid website launched this week is aimed in particular at the needs of the independent sector as it offers a whole range of support, regardless of the size of the business. It was created following feedback from their annual industry research and offers comprehensive guidance and support for everyone in the grocery industry.

This new service tackles the issues highlighted in GroceryAid's survey as being of most concern to the people who work within the industry. It covers topics such as healthy living, long-term conditions, disability, support for those who care for others, money matters and mental health.

GroceryAid's aim is to equip grocery people with the skills and knowledge they need to make informed decisions and help them to deal with some of the pressures they may be experiencing. It also encourages conversations about key health and wellbeing issues that affect us all.

To find out more please visit or call 01252 875925.

This entry was posted by Victoria on Tue, 15/09/2015 - 11:10