Government Publishes Business and Planning Bill

The Government has today (25th June) published details of the Business and Planning Bill as part of its plans to help businesses trade post-lockdown.

The Bill primarily deals with the consumption of food and drink outdoors and modifications to premises licences. Significant proposals in the Bill include:

  • Businesses will be able to apply to the appropriate local authority for a ‘pavement licence’ which allows them to put removable furniture outside their premises for the purpose of selling food and drink.
    • Application fees for this licence are to be capped at £100
    • The licence period is a minimum of three months, with a maximum term lasting until 31 September 2021
  • The Bill also contains provisions for on-trade businesses to be able to sell alcohol for consumption off the premises.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “We welcome the swift progress of this Bill, which will provide additional flexibility for businesses looking to welcome customers to eat and drink as safely as possible. The proposed pavement licence rules are potentially a significant opportunity for many of our members who already act as community hubs.”

Figures from the 2019 Local Shop Report show that around 1 in 10 retailers have indoor seating areas for customers (9%) while 6% provide outdoor seating. One in four convenience stores has an in-store bakery (24%) with a similar number providing hot food to go for customers (23%).

ACS will continue to closely monitor the passage of the Bill through Parliament and update members on further developments. MPs are due to debate all stages of the Bill on Monday June 29th.

The full details of the Bill are available here:

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