Andrew Selous MP Sees New Investment in NISA Local Houghton Regis

Andrew Selous MP visited NISA Local Store in Houghton Regis on Thursday 19th March, recognising their work in the community and support for the local economy.  NISA Local Houghton Regis has expanded its range of products and services in order to service all of the local community’s needs.

Armin Ahematagic, NISA Local Area Manager, said: “It’s great to have Andrew visit the store and see the work we are doing to support the community.  We pride ourselves on being a community retailer by working with the local council to prevent anti-social behaviour outside our store and supporting local charities.”

Andrew Selous MP said: “I have a good relationship with Armin and commend the work the store and staff does to support the local community. It’s great to see this business thrive and we should all recognise the integral role local shops play across all of communities.”

ACS is encouraging retailers to invite all of their prospective parliamentary candidates into their store to show them the importance of their business in the local area to customers and talk about local issues. For more information about arranging a store visit, get in touch with Julie Byers at

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