ACS Welcomes E10 Rollout for Summer 2021

The Department for Transport has confirmed that E10 will become the standard petrol grade available on UK forecourts from September 2021. E5 petrol will still be available to consumer as the super grade.

The introduction of higher ethanol fuel E10 aims to support the government targets to reduce CO2 emission. The introduction of E10 on UK forecourts  will start in September 2021 to align with the change over from summer to winter fuel grades.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “We welcome confirmation of the timetable for the E10 rollout, and are working with the Department for Transport to support fuel retailers to be ready for the change.”

The Government’s consultation response today confirmed that fuel retailers that stock 2 grades of petrol and supply at least one million litres of fuel in total will need to ensure one is a higher-octane E5 option, there will be exemptions for fuel sites that are covered by the Rural Fuel Duty Relief Scheme.

The Government’s response to the E10 consultation is available here


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