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ACS Urges Retailers to Follow Social Distancing Advice for Colleagues and Customers

ACS Urges Retailers to Follow Social Distancing Advice for Colleagues and Customers

ACS is encouraging convenience retailers to follow advice on social distancing to protect colleagues and customers from the spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus).

It is advised that you implement additional measures in your store to help customers ensure that they adhere to social distancing guidelines. Consider putting lines on the floor in front of the till points to ensure that customers maintain a safe distance to colleagues, asking customers to maintain distance whilst queueing, and encourage customers to use contactless payment where possible.

We have produced notices for retailers to help communicate these messages to customers.



At especially busy times, it may be difficult for customers to maintain a safe distance from each other and colleagues whilst shopping. Retailers may want to consider restricting the number of customers allowed in the store at any one time during these periods.

Whilst considering the management of people coming into stores at busy periods, it’s also important to consider how you restock sites. Retailers should think about how to minimise contact between colleagues and customers during restocking. This may involve:

  • temporarily closing off aisles that are being restocked 
  • closing stores for periods to focus on restocking 
  • placing bollards or markers around colleagues who are restocking to maintain a 2m distance if at all possible 

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “Convenience stores have been quick to respond and adapt throughout this period of uncertainty, with many already implementing several of the measures outlined in our advice. We encourage all convenience retailers to follow this advice to protect colleagues and customers.”

ACS has Assured Advice available for retailers on food hygiene standards and practices in store which can be found here: Assured Advice - Food Safety and Hygiene


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