ACS Urges Members to Invite PPCs for Store Visits

The UK general election is now just over a week away, providing retailers with the perfect opportunity to show their store’s prospective candidates the important role convenience stores play in the local community and economy.

Many Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPC) will want to gather the support of their local constituents and begin to build lasting relationships with the businesses they are hoping to represent in future. Inviting your PPCs to visit your convenience store provides you with a platform to highlight the issues that affect you and your store on a day-to-day basis.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “It is now more important than ever for convenience retailers to engage with their store’s local PPCs to show them how crucial local shops are within their constituency. We urge all independent retailers to get in touch with their PPCs and arrange a visit to show them the positive work they are doing in store”.

For help getting in contact with your store’s local PPC and arranging a store visit, please contact Julie Byers on 01252 533 008 or e-mail:

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