ACS Supports The Bank of England Banknote Checking Scheme

ACS is supporting the Bank of England Banknote Checking Scheme aimed at helping cash-handling businesses, like convenience stores, to check banknotes at the point of sale. ACS’ Crime Guidance 2017 found that the most common counterfeit notes offered in convenience stores were the English £20 banknote and the Scottish £20 banknote.

The Bank of England is also promoting the Banknote Checking Scheme as new notes enter circulation. The new polymer £10 note was issued in September 2017 and the £10 paper notes will cease to be legal tender from 1st March 2018, after this date you can exchange your £10 paper notes at the Bank of England and some retailers, banks and building societies may still accept them at their own discretion.

Guidance for retailers on the Banknote Checking Scheme is available here:

ACS is an Bank of England Strategic Partner supporting with the communication of advice and training materials targeted at reducing the number of counterfeit notes being accepted.

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