ACS Says No to Tobacco Register in Wales

ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) gave evidence to the Welsh Assembly Health and Social Care Committee today on proposals in the Public Health Bill to introduce a Tobacco Register for retailers.

Edward Woodall, ACS Head of Policy and Public Affairs, said: “Compliance with tobacco regulations in the convenience sector is already very good, as shown by the recent successful implementation of the tobacco display. The current Scottish Tobacco Retail Register has seen very few retailers removed from the list as a result of non-compliance with tobacco, therefore we remain sceptical of its effectiveness.”

The Health and Social Care Committee is taking evidence on the Public Health Bill (Wales).  The bill proposes to introduce a register for retailers that sell tobacco.  Retailers could be charged £30 to register and an additional £10 per new store to go  on the Tobacco Retailer Register.  The aim is to support local authorities to get more guidance to retailers and to prevent underage sales.

ACS submitted written evidence to the Health and Select Committee which is available here and you can watch today’s evidence session here (55 minutes in).

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