ACS Responds to Chief Medical Officer’s Report on Healthy Eating

ACS has responded to a new report from Professor Dame Sally Davies, highlighting the work that retailers have done to provide healthy options in store.

Recommendations made in the Chief Medical Officer’s report, which is independent from the Government, include:

  • Extending the soft drinks levy to milk drinks that contain added sugar
  • Consider the introduction of plain packaging for unhealthy food
  • Tax food firms that fail to reduce sugar, fat and salt in their products quickly enough
  • Impose a cap on the number of calories per serving at food outlets
  • Make free drinking water available in takeaways, food shops and restaurants

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “The convenience sector has made significant progress in providing more fruit and veg and healthy alternatives for customers, including through the extensive investment in refrigeration. We have worked with the Food Foundation on promoting best practice in the sector, celebrating retailers investing in fresh food options and publishing guidance encouraging more stores to accept Healthy Start vouchers.

“We are also currently working on Assured Advice to help retailers understand their options around water refills, which we see as a positive development for the sector but is not without its operational challenges.”

The Government is currently separately considering options around restrictions on the sale of high fat, salt and sugar products in stores.

ACS’ Healthy Start animation is available here:

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