ACS Calls on Retailers to Respond to National Minimum Wage Survey

ACS is calling on retailers to respond to the National Minimum Wage survey 2015 to inform the convenience sector’s response to Low Pay Commission’s call for evidence on minimum wage rates in 2015. 

The LPC is an independent body that advises the government on future the National Minimum Wage consulting with the business community and unions. The LPC have asked for evidence on the impact that wage increase have on business and to look at want economic conditions would justify an above inflation increase in the NMW.

ACS Chief Executive James Lowman said: “I urge retailers to respond to the survey which has clearly shown in the past that minimum wage increases result in retailers reducing staff hours and delaying business decisions. We want to the Low Pay Commission and Government to consider carefully the impact that wage increase have on employment in the convenience sector and wider economy.”

The results will feature in ACS’ submission to the Low Pay Commission (LPC) later this year. The deadline for responses is 25th August 2014. 

The survey can be found here:

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