ACS Calls for EU Alcohol Strategy to Target Illicit Trade

ACS has called for an EU Alcohol Strategy that tackles the illicit trade and develops an independent evidence base that provides a sound foundation for national policy interventions that tackle alcohol harm.

In its’ submission to the House of Lords Select Committee on the European Union, ACS has called for the next strategy to steer clear of a one size fits all approach on interventions to combat alcohol harm and instead allow member states to implement policies at a local level.

ACS Chief Executive James Lowman said: “Alcohol harm is a significant issue across the EU, including in the UK.  The most effective ways to tackle alcohol related harm are targeted interventions and partnerships at a local level.”

In the submission, ACS has called for the future EU Alcohol Strategy to focus on tackling the significant issue of the illicit trade in alcohol. Over the last year alone, £1bn in tax revenues have been lost in the beers, wines and spirits market in the UK alone.

Mr Lowman said: “A consistent approach across the EU to tackle smuggling and cross border trading has to be an integral part of an effective alcohol strategy.”

ACS also argues that the strategy should deliver a consistent overall evidence base on levels of consumption and indicators of alcohol harm.

Mr Lowman said: “Policy-makers and all alcohol stakeholders would benefit from data that is independent and not produced with a specific policy agenda already in mind. This would help member states to develop effective and targeted policy.”

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