Managing Fire Safety

Fire safety law is regularly spoken about and often misunderstood. This guide provides an overview of what is required of you as a business owner in terms of managing fire safety risks faced by your employees and customers.

Managing Fire Safety Guide (Updated April 2019)

Your obligations to your staff and customers with regard to fire safety are contained in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. The most important thing to know about fire safety legislation is that everyone is responsible for ensuring the safety of others, but the overall responsibility lies with the nominated Responsible Person.

You are required by law, to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment; for your premises. If you are required to carry out a written Fire Risk Assessment, the conditions for which, are given on page 9 of this booklet – the ACS template is available below.

Supporting materials for this advice guide are available for ACS members. For more information about these materials, please email Chloe Heyde at