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The Welsh Local Shop Report

The 2020 Welsh Local Shop Report has revealed the important role that convenience stores play to both the economy and local communities in Wales.

The report revealed that 62% of local shops in Wales operate in rural locations, providing essential services to their local communities, including bill payment services (79%), cash machines (68%) and Post Offices (25%).

Key figures from the report include:

  • There 2,931 local shops in Wales, 84% of which are independently owned
  • Convenience stores in Wales generated £2.5bn in sales
  • 39% of stores operate in an area with no other retail/service businesses nearby
  • The average shopper in Wales visits their local shop four times per week
  • Shoppers travel an average of 2.07 miles to their local shop and 46% of shoppers in Wales drive to store

Convenience stores continue to make a positive contribution to the communities that they trade in, providing over 27,000 jobs across Wales and playing an active role in their local areas, with 82% of independent retailers engaging in some form of community activity in the past year.

ACS works on devolved issues in Wales with members of the Welsh Assembly, promoting the convenience sector in Wales through the Cross Party Group on Small Shops. Chair of the Cross-Party Group Janet Finch-Saunders AM has tabled Statement of Opinion 146, calling on the Welsh Government to extend High Street Relief beyond 2020 to support local shops and the communities where retailers trade.  

Download the 2020 Welsh Local Shop Report