Other Product Regulation

DfT: The Last Mile

The Department for Transport has launched a call for evidence to improve their understanding of the opportunities and barriers to delivering goods more sustainably.

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DCMS: Consultation on Society Lottery Reform

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has launched a consultation on society lottery reform. The consultation proposes to increase the amount society lotteries can raise per year and also increase the prize draw limit.

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BEIS – Productivity Review

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has launched a call for evidence to inform their review in business productivity. The review will build the government’s understanding of how firm-level interventions, by public and private sector actors, can support growth and improve productivity for the long tail of low productivity businesses.

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House of Commons Science and Technology Committee: E-Cigarettes

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee have issued a call for written evidence to inform their inquiry which will examine the impact of electronic cigarettes on human health (including their effectiveness as a stop-smoking tool), the suitability of regulations guiding their use, and the financial implications of a growing market on both business and the NHS.

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BEIS: Laser Pointers

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and Regulatory Delivery have launched a call for evidence on the market, and potential uses, for laser pointers.

Laser pointers are generally small battery-operated hand-held devices that emit a tightly focused beam of light that is concentrated into a very small area, even over long distances.

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Committee of Advertising Practices: Advertising of E-Cigarettes

The Committee of Advertising Practices seeks views on how best to reflect the legislative changes on e-cigarette advertising in the Tobacco Products Directive in the CAP code so that the Advertising Standards Authority can enforce them.

The consultation also seeks views on proposals for accompanying guidance.

ACS' submission can be found below.

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