Food Policy

Impact of mandatory display of food hygiene ratings in England

The Food Standards Agency is seeking views on the initial draft of an IA exploring the costs and benefits of introducing the legislation that would be necessary to make the display of ratings at food outlets in England mandatory.

The background sections of the IA outline the rationale for putting the FHRS on a statutory footing in England and summarise the evidence that they have collected so far to inform the case for the Government’s consideration.

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Food Hygiene Rating (Promotion of Food Hygiene Ratings)(Wales) Regulations

The Welsh government have launched a consultation document asking for comments on proposed regulations which set out how certain food businesses should promote their food hygiene ratings under the statutory Food Hygiene Rating Scheme. These draft regulations have been revised following a consultation in 2014. The regulations apply to certain business types and publicity materials meeting specific criteria set out in the regulations.

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