Summit17 brought together retailers, suppliers, and industry experts from around the world together to explore the successes and challenges of the industry and discussed new ideas retailers could walk away with.

Summit17 was divided into three thought-provoking sessions, each segment with a guest speaker and followed by a panel discussion.

The day also featured The Ideas Wall, presented by ACS Commercial Director Paul Chamberlain and the Battle of the Best, presented by retailers Raj Aggarwal and Avtar Sidhu, who shared a video of their road trip to film successful retailers across the country.


For copies of the presentations from the day, click on the speakers’ photos.

James Lowman, Association of Convenience Stores
“We know that convenience stores and post offices are the most valued local service in communities, but as the major parties consider their priorities for the next parliament, we need to tell our story better. I’m challenging our sector to make their voice heard and to get into the heads and hearts of politicians. Over the next six weeks, I’m calling on everyone to use this opportunity to promote the convenience sector, the issues we face, and the people that run stores across the UK.”

Scott Hartman, Rutter’s
“If you’re committed to being in the food service business, you need to hire people that are foodies.”

Nick Read, Nisa
“Food to go still has huge growth potential in the convenience sector. It’s where our business is focusing, and it’s where our consumers are looking to invest.”

Jane Milton, Food Industry Expert
“Some brands are launching with traditional, older recipes, while others are experimenting with new ingredients and challenging consumers to think differently about what goes in their food. The important thing they have in common is that they have a compelling story to tell to the consumer.”

Tracey Clements, One Stop
“As food retailers, we have an obligation to build better food solutions for our customers.”

Kash Khera, Simply Fresh
“The key categories that we’re seeing growth in are fresh and food to go, but we as a sector still need to get better and fully commit to their development.”

Thomas Ennis, Spar
“If you’re not on your shop floor listening to your customers, seeing what’s happening, everything will pass you by. The customer will tell you if they have a problem, and if you’re not around to listen to them then succeeding becomes very difficult.”

Paul Chamberlain, Association of Convenience Stores, presenting the Ideas Wall
“Every type of product can be premiumised.”

Raj Aggarwal and Avtar Sidhu, retailers presenting Battle of the Best
“Find something that makes your store unique in your local area, and don’t be afraid to be creative.”

George Thomson, National Federation of Subpostmasters and Thomas Moran, Post Office
“Customer expectations are rising exponentially, both in terms of standards and products on offer.”

David Meade, Inspirational Speaker
“Our conscious brains work at 40 bits per second, but we process 11m bits per second – so much  of our decision-making  is unconscious.”

Battle of the Best 2017