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Welsh Local Shop Report 2023

The 2023 Welsh Local Shop Report highlights the continued resilience of local shops across Wales and showcases

the enormous contribution that these businesses make to the Welsh economy and to the communities that they serve. 

Key figures from the 2023 Welsh Local Shop Report include:

  • Convenience stores in Wales have invested £38m in their businesses over the last year, the majority of which is funded from their own reserves
  • 81% of independent retailers in Wales engaged in some form of community activity over the last year
  • The convenience sector in Wales generates over £2.8bn in total sales
  • 85% of stores now accept contactless payment
  • 46% of stores are engaging with customers on Facebook

The full report is available on our Member Portal.

If you would like to register for an account on our Member Portal or if you have forgotten your login details, please email [email protected]