Previous Editions

The Local Shop Report has been in place since 2012, discovering key information about the convenience sector. Below are some highlights from previous editions of the report.


Local Shop Report 2015

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ACS Local Shop Report 2014

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  • There are 49,888 convenience stores in mainland UK, making up a sector that is now worth £35.6billion, a growth of 5% on 2012.
  • Local shops are a source of new investment – almost three quarters of convenience store owners
    (73%) are new investors
  • Local shops are a vital source of employment – nationally, the convenience store sector provides jobs for around 375,000 people
  • Local shops provide a vast range of services to their community – more than one in four stores offer home grocery delivery, 64% provide bill payment services and almost 5,000 feature new technologies like contactless payment.
  • Local shop owners are some of the hardest working people in the UK – 57% of shop owners work more than 50 hours per week on average, and more than half of local shop owners have been in the business for more than 10 years.




  • Local shops foster entrepreneurs, more than 77% of stores owned and operated by small business owners. It is also a place for many starting out in business, 70% of retailers are investing for the first time; and it also attracts people of all ages, 1 in 10 is under 30 years old.
  • Local shops are a vital source of employment offering in excess of 372,000 jobs across the country. A quarter of employees are aged 16-24 and 88% of stores offer training. It is also a sector where families work together more than 60% of independent retailers employ at least one other member of their family
  • Local shop ownership is ethnically diverse – 48% of local shop retailers cite themselves as Asian British and there is significant variation by region with 89% of London retailers citing themselves as Asian compared to 13% in the South West.
  • Local shop owners work long hours – 60% of retailers work longer than 50 hours per week and 31% take less than 10 days holiday a year.
  • Local shops provide a growing range of services such as bill payment services, cash machines, mail order collection and home news and grocery delivery.