Eleanor joined ACS in September 2018 after working in the charity sector and graduating with a degree in Politics and International Relations from the University of Exeter.

Eleanor is responsible for assisting the public affairs team with monitoring policy developments, writing policy briefings and responding to policy consultations.



So what do you think’s going to happen, then?  No deal, no Brexit, Theresa May’s deal, or some other option as yet undefined? It’s a big part of ACS’ job to be the fulcrum between what happens in politics and what happens in your business, and I think we’re pretty good at providing new and informed analysis to you, and giving credible and evidence-based input to government when it comes to issues related to our sector. On Brexit, frankly, this is a lot harder. It’s the biggest, and certainly the most fever-pitched debate and development in British politics in a generation, and one which cer

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Rating the Budget

Budgets are always a mix of good and bad news for pretty much any business sector, and indeed for individuals and families and other interest groups.  Looking narrowly at the 2018 Budget from the perspective of our members, I’d say there’s more positive than negative news in there.  I’d also give the caveat that much of the real Budget news comes in the documents published when the Chancellor sits down, detailing the proposals, processes and timelines for the headline announcements he skipped over at the despatch

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Thoughts From Party Conference Season

It feels like a bit of a fool’s errand trying to pick out from party conference season the hard policy news related to convenience stores.  Let’s not kid ourselves, these events aren’t about setting a detailed policy agenda, they are about big messages played to the base of activists and to the media, and ambitious politicians raising their profile with both of those audiences. This year’s agenda – in truth not unlike the past few years – has been so dominated by Britain’s exit from the European Union that the headlines aren’t really being made by retail issues.

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What Does a Good Deposit Return Scheme Look Like?

You can’t ignore the debate on plastics and the environmental impact of the bottles and bags that are too often discarded into the countryside, waterways and oceans. One of my rules in working out how ACS should address policy challenges is to first step back and ask, “is this a real issue, are the people who are concerned about it justified in demanding action?” In this case, the answer to these questions is definitely “yes” (let me know if you disagree, but the evidence looks pretty compelling to me) so we should think about what local shops can do to help tackle this problem. Of course,

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The Importance of Flexible Employment in the Convenience Sector

Hopefully you’ve seen our 2018 Local Shop Report, launched (appropriately, perhaps) at the National Space Centre in Leicester.  There’s loads of data in the report, some of it from our own research, and some kindly provided by our friends at HIM, IGD, William Reed and Experian.  You can go through the information that’s most relevant to your business, but I want to think a bit more deeply about the information related to people working in convenience stores, in the context of the debate in politics at the moment about employment in the UK, where rates of

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Stephen Hammond MP, MP for Wimbledon

Stephen Hammond MP for Wimbledon is Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Retail Crime and sits on the Treasury Select Committee.

Susan Connolly, Connolly Spar

Susan Connolly is Sales Director for Connolly Spar, a family business which has been trading for over 50 years from three convenience stores based in Wiltshire.

She has been actively involved in all aspects of the family’s business since a very young age and has an embedded dynamic enthusiasm for independent retailing.

Mike Fitton, Franchise Business Manager, Southern Co-operative

Key to Southern Co-op’s current growth with franchisees, Mike has more than 20 years experience working across franchisees, independent retailers, wholesale and the convenience trade. Mike has worked in the retail industry since leaving school - working his way from the warehouse to the shop floor. He has experience as a store manager, area manager, regional manager, sales director and as UK head of sales before his current role at Southern Co-op’s head office in Portsmouth. Former employers have included Budgens Ltd, Musgrave, Nisa, and A F Blakemore.

Sundher Sandher, One Stop

Sunder was born in Leamington Spa, getting into retail straight after leaving school. He has been running the same store for 34 years, managing to obtain D32/33 and Investors In People. His store has been featured as part of a study tour by AACS (the Australasian Association of Convenience Stores) where a group of 30 flew over to discover the best in UK convenience retailing. 

Sunder is a governor for two local schools, has been a Magistrate for 10 years at Coventry Court and is an international member of NACS.