ACS Welcomes Action on Plastic Waste

ACS has welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement of the Government’s long-term plan to protect the environment, including measures to reduce plastic packaging, with specific proposals to extend the 5p charge on single use plastic bags to all retailers in England.

In the announcements made today, the government state that they “want to extend the scheme so that small retailers also charge for bags. We’ll first be looking at voluntary agreements with the industry to achieve this, before we consider making this compulsory.”

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ACS: Local Shops Support Universal Carrier Bag Charge

ACS has welcomed reports of plans to extend the singe use carrier bag charge to all stores in England. 

The carrier bag charging scheme was introduced in 2015 in England after the successful introduction of universal schemes in Wales and Scotland. In England however, only businesses with more than 250 employees are included in the legislation. 

ACS research shows that over a third of retailers in England have already introduced a voluntary carrier bag charging scheme to help reduce the number of bags they give to customers. 

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Book Now for ACS’ Technology Showcase 2018 and Hosted One2Ones

On February 20th ACS will be hosting the Technology Showcase and HostedOne2Ones at The Library of Birmingham

The Technology Showcase provides an exclusive insight into the new and exciting innovations which retailers can use to improve their customers’ shopping experience and help to the day to day running of their store. Click here to book your free place.

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Mixed Messages on Shop Theft

You may have seen and heard ACS in the media over Christmas talking about some changes to the way the police and courts and government are responding to shop theft. There are a couple of separate issues at play here, and this is what they mean for you.

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Paypoint Teams Up with ACS to Provide Assured Advice through Terminals

PayPoint has announced a new partnership with the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) to make their Assured Advice programme available to all retailers via their PayPoint One platform. Retailers can access industry leading support on all aspects of regulatory compliance for onvenience retailing via their device or the PayPoint website. ACS is the voice of over 33,500 local shops and offers comprehensive advice as part of their Assured Advice guides and Training Scheme.

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ACS Welcomes Select & Save to Retail Membership

ACS is delighted to announce that symbol group Select & Save has joined ACS as retail members.

Select & Save was formed in 1997. Since its launch,  the convenience store symbol group for independent retailers has grown from 2 stores to over 100 across the UK, and is still growing. Select & Save retailers are supported by its central office in Birmingham. The group recently announced a deal with Bestway Wholesale to receive ambient, BWS, fresh and chilled deliveries from the Bestway Wholesale nationwide depot network.

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Get Ready For Ban on Card Payments Surcharging

ACS is advising members to prepare for new rules that will stop them from charging customers to use credit or debit cards in store. Current EU rules prohibit businesses from charging customers more than the costs of offering card payments, but will now go further by banning surcharging completely, so retailers have to offer the same price regardless of the means of payment.
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Review of the Year (part two)

One of the fun if slightly surreal parts of my job is responding to members and others asking me to forecast what’s going to happen next in politics.  Such forecasts are always a bit of guesswork, and the best anyone can really do is analyse the factors at play and come up with some sort of rationale for what might happen next.  I also have a rule that if you want to know what’s likely to happen in an election, listen to the person least connected with the Westminster village where rumours and granular message crafting and media spin cloud the fundamentals of how people in the country at la

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Review of the Year (part one)

It’s that time of year when we reflect on the past twelve months, and we usually see plenty of superlatives from experts and commentators hailing the most significant change, the biggest, most profound impacts on the future.  2017, though, might just have earned the hyperbole where the convenience store sector is concerned. 

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