ACS Responds to Government Packaging Consultations

ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) has responded to a three crucially important proposals from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) on: introducing a deposit return scheme (DRS) for drinks containers, reforming the UK producer responsibility system and introducing a plastic packaging tax.

The consultations were launched following their commitment to consult in their Resources and Waste Strategy which was published last year.

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Treasury Committee: UK Risks ‘Inadvertently Becoming Cashless Society’

The Treasury Committee has published its final report on consumer’s access to financial services, calling for access to cash and consumer choice to be protected.

In the report, the Committee outlines its support of the recommendations made in the Access to Cash review, and expresses its concern about the rate at which free to use ATMs have been closing. The report states that without action, the UK risks inadvertently becoming a cashless society and that ‘for a large portion of society, including some of the most vulnerable, this would have stark consequences’.

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ACS Welcomes Results of On-the-Go Recycling Initiative in Leeds

ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) has welcomed the findings of an on-the-go recycling trial in Leeds.

Leeds By Example, a campaign launched by environmental behaviour change charity Hubbub and recycling compliance scheme Ecosurety, has published the results of their six-month trial.

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Speakers Announced for ACS’ Responsible Retailing Forum!

Book your place at this year’s Responsible Retailing Forum, taking place on 15th May at the King Power Stadium, Leicester from 10am until 3pm.

ACS’ Responsible Retailing Forum provides ACS members with the opportunity to hear from policy makers, retailers and other stakeholders about the latest compliance issues affecting the convenience sector as well as emerging policy issues. 

This year’s forum will focus on protecting the environment, local shops and healthy food and the future of regulation.

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Scottish Government Fail to Address Impact of DRS on Small Shops

The Scottish Government has announced today (8th May) details of their plans for a deposit return scheme (DRS) in Scotland.

Based on the plans announced, the scheme would have a significant impact on small shops, with the Scottish Government mandating manual handling of returned packaging at small stores and ruling out an exemption for shops smaller than 280 sq m.  This is despite committing in their Programme for Government in 2017 to address specific difficulties that small retailers will have under as part of the design of a deposit return scheme.

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Less Than Two Weeks Until Track and Trace

ACS is encouraging all convenience store retailers that sell tobacco to apply for the codes they need to comply with upcoming track and trace regulations as there is less than two weeks until track and trace comes into force.

From 30th April, all retailers, including those with one site, were able to apply for the codes that they need to be able to purchase compliant tobacco after the regulations come into force this month.  

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ACS Welcomes Ofgem’s Review of the Microbusiness Energy Market

ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) has welcomed an announcement from energy regulator Ofgem of a strategic review of the microbusiness energy market.

Ofgem has launched a call for evidence seeking views and experiences from microbusinesses as a result of their concerns that some are struggling to find a better energy deal and may be paying more than they should.

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Treasury Launches New Group to Safeguard Access to Cash

ACS has welcomed the creation of a new group chaired by the Treasury which has been set up to safeguard consumers’ access to cash.

In addition to the new Joint Authorities Cash Strategy Group, which will bring together regulators, the Treasury and the Bank of England, the Government has committed to the following as part of its response to a call for evidence on cash and the digital economy:

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ACS and FWD Work to Set Behaviour Standards

The trade associations for the convenience retailing and wholesale sectors are teaming up with their members and major suppliers to define and promote standards of behaviour between individuals from different companies working together.  The “Dignity at Work Charter” will be a positive statement of high behaviour standards that companies can include in their own company policies and that businesses can sign up to.

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ACS Warns of ‘Irreparable Damage’ to Consumer’s Access to Cash

ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) has responded to new figures published by Which? on the amount of cash machines being converted to charge fees, calling for urgent action to secure consumers’ access to cash.

Figures obtained by Which? show that fees of at least 95p per withdrawal have been imposed on 1,700 machines between January and March this year. Which? report that around three quarters of these fees have been introduced in March alone.

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