Convenience Stores Encouraged to Take Part in Digital High Street Pilot

Convenience stores in a number of pilot towns are being given the opportunity to take part in a scheme set up by Gloucestershire Local Enterprise Partnership, working with the government’s Future High Streets Forum, to help retailers work together to promote their towns online.  The pilot is using the #WDYT hashtag to generate conversations among customers in Gloucester, Stroud and Cheltenham, with the pilot now being extended to Leamington Spa, Stafford and a number of other towns that are preparing to launch.

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Rates of Recorded Crime in England and Wales see Largest Rise in a Decade

According to reports from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), crime in England and Wales has seen its largest annual increase in a decade.

Figures from ONS have shown that a total of around five million crimes were reported to and recorded by the police last year, this is a ten per cent rise from the previous year. These crimes include a range of offences such as burglary, theft and violent crimes.

Key points from the report include:

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Bank of England Unveils New Polymer £10 Note

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has unveiled the design of the new £10 note. The note is printed on polymer and is the first Bank of England banknote with a tactile feature to help blind and partially sighted users.

The £10 note contains sophisticated security features which make it very difficult to counterfeit. It is expected to last at least 2.5 times longer than the current paper £10 notes – around 5 years in total – and stay in better condition during day to day use.

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Government Must Do More to Mitigate Damaging Impact of Rising Wage Costs

ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) has called on the Government to do more to help with the rising cost of employment and to ensure that wage rates do not have a negative impact on job prospects.

In its annual submission to the Low Pay Commission, ACS has raised concerns about the measures that retailers are being forced to take as a result of the National Living Wage increasing to £7.50 per hour in April 2017. Key figures from the submission include:

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