UK Votes to Leave the European Union

The referendum on the future of the United Kingdom’s status in Europe has concluded, resulting in a decision to leave the European Union.

The overall vote was 51.9% in favour of leaving, compared with 48.1% in favour of remaining. The vote in Scotland, London, Gibraltar and Northern Ireland was in favour of remaining, but all other areas of the UK voted to leave.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: "There are many European regulations that affect convenience store retailers, from rules on waste and energy efficiency to the incoming tobacco products directive. We will be making local shops' case for the right regulatory framework once we leave the EU, maintaining the laws that work and are fair, and reviewing those where changes to regulations could promote investment and growth for our members.  We will work closely with the government and in Brussels to make sure the process of leaving the EU is workable and causes minimal disruption to the convenience sector in the coming years."

In the aftermath of the vote, the Prime Minister has announced his intention to resign before Conservative Party Conference in October. A new leadership contest will take place in the meantime. The new leader will be expected to finalise negotiations with Europe on giving notice to leave the EU officially.

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